Like, Totally

OMG!!!! You guys are like, never going to believe this. So, on Friday I went to this birthday party on the Lower East Side with DJ. And I have to say, I looked, like, totally cute. Like, super cute. So, anyway, we're at this small-ish party in this bar in this private room, and I look up from scarfing down this piece of amazing red velvet cake, and like, OMG!!!! it's MySpace Guy. Or, at least, I think it's MySpace Guy and we're at the same party!!!! Like, what the odds, right? I've had like, a super-big crush on this guy for, like, ever, ok? But I'm not sure it's him. I mean, I think it's him, but I really can't be sure because it's not like I spend time studying his pics or anything, right!?!?!? So, I'm not sure if I should go up to him because, like, what if it's not him, and that would totally suck and I'd be, like, totally embarrassed, and probably have to leave or something, or just like, hide in a corner for the rest of the night.. Plus, I was talking to this friend of DJ's who's also, like, super cute, and we've actually had a real conversation before, not just, like with MySpace Guy where he's my 'friend' and all, and, I mean, sure we message back and forth about Edward 40-hands and like, slutty Halloween costumes, and Cabbage Patch Kids, but, like, how much do I really, like, know him? I mean, I think he's my soulmate and all, but only after I get to know him a little more. So then I keep talking to DJ's friend, and MySpace Guy must have left because I didn't see him, and then it was tiime to go get hotdogs to go with the red velvet cake, but then you are never going to guess what happened?!?!?!?!? Like, I can't even believe it. MySpace Guy sent me a message asking if I was at that party. So, it was, like, so him. Out of, like the gazillion people in NYC!!!! So now I think we're like totally meant to be bf/gf. I really think we're perfect for each other. You can tell a lot from a cute boy's MySpace profile. OMG!!!!! I, like, totally need to change my pic to something waaaaaay cuter.

(This message was brought to you by the age 15.)


Oh And

My friend Kingswing sent this picture to me yesterday.

Was I a man in 1993? Apparently, the answer is yes.

[Correction: Kingswing said this was in the 1996-97 timeframe. But, luckily, still look mannish. ]

Little Pieces

- I have been sick for most of my 4-day weekend. Perhaps this is karmic retribution for calling out 'sick' last Thursday. Or just a message that I need to slow it down a bit.

- I just returned from the grocery store where I narrowly avoided purchasing more cake mix and frosting. Narrowly.

- After a few scant weeks of actual winter weather, I am longing for beach outings, symphony in Central Park, and Bryant Park movies. Or just to sit outside in the sun with a drink in my hand.

- It is perhaps funny, or sad, or both, that I was more achy after my first game of dodgeball last week than I am after working out with my trainer.

- I did some healing work with LK yesterday, which proved to me that being open is not quite the threat that I've always perceived it to be. I've spent a lot of energy trying to protect myself...and it all seems very silly right now.

- A conversation about bedbugs reminded me that it is a huge accomplishment that I've remained relatively clutter-free over the past year in my new apartment. I guess it took losing everything (twice) for me to discern what is necessary.

- Which, lately, is cake and Netflix.



Saying that I am happy right now seems like a stretch...but I have my first two Netflix movies, 8 more episodes of Brothers & Sisters on abc.com, the most recent Us Weekly, and a 4 day weekend. I also managed to run 4 miles last night and finish off most of a 13 x 9 cake, so I guess that's something.


Be Mine, All Mine

Some might say that it's a little sad to bake yourself a cake on Valentine's Day.

I say: I get to lick the bowl and eat spoonfuls of frosting without having to share.


Relativity, Theoretically

So, as I stood on a chair in front of my bathroom mirror this morning, scrutinizing my thighs and wondering if all this running is actually making them thicker...

...I thought, yep, this is pretty crazy behavior...

...but at least I'm not strapping on a diaper and driving 900 miles because of "more than a working relationship but less than a romantic one".

(And I got that link by typing 'astronaut diaper' in Google. Heh.)


Ridiculouschick 101

Ok, I’m stumped.

I’ve been asked to serve as a panelist for a Teen Dating Violence / Teen Sexual Assault conference taking place next week (which is mystifying enough on its own) and I need to prepare a short biography.

Ugh. I hate writing about myself. (I’m also a nervous public speaker, but I’m just going to have to put that aside for the moment. One episode of paranoia at a time, please.)

Maybe I can just send my list of General Interests…or something about how I love long walks on the beach, unicorns, and Precious Moments figurines…my Virgoan astrological profile…a link to this blog?

Because nothing real or professional (or real professional) is coming to mind at the moment.

Or maybe, on the day of, I could just smile, give my name, and ask “How you like me so far?”


General Interests

Here's what I'm into...lately: spite, college basketball, yelling, yelling related to college basketball, ice cream, yoga, gin & tonic, sushi, tossing my hair, rolling my eyes, making the world safe, afternoon naps, ridiculousness, the drive-by eggings that are plaguing LA, confounding all those around me, coffee so strong my spoon stands up in it, subterfuge, brilliance, beautiful misapplications of the english language, random social experiments, endless games of 'would you be my friend if', dismantling patriarchy, composing a list of words i love, composing a list of words i hate, running.


Cross Training

Today is the official start of my 12 week training for this little race that I’ve been so preoccupied with since the start of the new year. As part of the program I am following, I need to cross train 2 days per week, which “could be swimming, cycling, walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.”

Given the reality of my life, I am considering the following alternatives:

Fighting to squeeze into a packed subway car during rush hour.

Worrying about overdue bills.

Observing the extended internal battle between my pragmatism and romanticism.

Lugging work presentation materials all over the Greater New York area.

Devising new and inventive ways to flirt with someone via MySpace.

Competitive grocery shopping an hour before the start of the Superbowl.

Eye-rolling, hair tossing, and fist shaking.

Blog posting.