Works Of Art, People!

The invites are in the mail. THE INVITES ARE IN THE MAIL! And now, I'm off to get d-runk.

(Note: to blog readers who are getting invites - you're gonna frame yours, right?? There is absolutely NO WAY that you would throw it out, right? RIGHT????)

Over Re-Actor

Anyone get as annoyed at this commercial as I do? How would this woman respond if her kid fell and had to get stitches?


I wish I was kidding about this, but I'm off to Paper Presentation shortly, to begin Day 4 of creating the wedding invites. They're not even that complicated!!!



We're two months out from the BIG DAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Along with assembling the invitations, I've been doing a lot of thinking about job stuff. I know I need to go back to work, while also knowing that I cannot allow myself to be in a situation that makes me as physically and mentally sick as my last job. Does that mean a career outside of social work? I dunno.

(Oh, and about the invites? I don't know why I care so deeply about what they look like, or the wording, or any of the other things I'm reviewing over and over again. If I really wanted a reason, I guess I could just pick any one of the Freudian defense mechanisms and apply blindly.)


Dear People Who Stayed In Our Apartment Last Week

I hope you enjoyed your stay in New York City as much as you enjoyed eating all of the expensive Greek yogurt and gourmet cheese that we left in the refrigerator.

I'm just wondering why, exactly, it was necessary to move all of my shoes underneath the bed? Or to leave the teapot in the bathroom? Or to use our couch cushions at the dining room table?

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely appreciating the rotting grapes and dead flowers that you left behind, along with the mysterious gooey substance found in the garbage can. And I'm SO GLAD you liked my Gingerman body scrub - apparently, enough to take it with you! It's always fun to discover new products, isn't it?

For our part, we'll cherish the tea stains in our mugs, and the slightly squicked out feeling of not knowing *exactly* what took place last week in our home for years to come.

ridiculouschick and b


The *New* Definition of Insanity

...is writing and designing your own wedding invites.

Trust me.



This week finds B and I living in my parents' house while they are on vacation and our apartment is occupied by strangers. This is how it went down:
1. A woman who lives in our building is getting married and needs a place for her guests to stay.
2. We need to pay for our rehearsal dinner.
3. Only one of us is working.
4. Enter temporary sublet.

Also, we thought this would be a nice thing to do for someone. Good wedding karma, if you will. Plus, we are testing out this kind of life should we ever decide to leave the city.

So far - eh. We have plans in New York every night this week, which involves negotiating train schedules and car parking. It's almost too quiet to sleep here, and certainly way too dark. Plus, there's something a little...ooky...about staying in the house you grew up in. Lots of ghosts.

On the plus side, the dog is adapting wonderfully. He has a yard! To play ball! For hours! Without stopping!


Much, Much Better

It might not be readily apparent to my readers, but I've been in a major funk lately.

Even I didn't realize the full impact of my crappy mood until I:
1. had lunch with The Lawyer and she commented on it (and she's seen me through some doozies in the past. Ha. I just used the word "doozies". I don't even know if that's a real word.) and
2. had a talk with B about just how little fun it's been to cohabitate with my cranky ass (and the rest of me, presumably).

If pressed to apply some self-analysis, I could theorize that the daily self-esteem pounding from the past year at my previous job is rearing its ugly head, now that I have time to think about it. *Or* the net effects of being laid-off, the manner in which I left, and the ensuing quest to blame myself.

I could go on and on with that, but, really, what's the point?

The point is, it's time for it to stop. To that end, I actually got up this morning and went to yoga for the first time in, well, a long time. And then I got a pedicure, and looked for recipes for dinner, and shopped for dinner. And tonight we'll be taking a walk to watch the sun set.

Little stuff, but it's gotta be better than the pity party I've been throwing for the past month.


Running, Kinda

I've signed up for a race. It's not a long distance, so not too much training to be done. After not running for a while, I was able to do 1.75 miles on Saturday. Yay! And then The Librarian and I walked the route yesterday, and managed not to be killed by any bicycles, so that was good.

Needing motivation and socialization, I've also created a race team. So far, we have 15 members, and we've raised...$130.00. Not so good.


I'm Not Ready

Just in time for the end of summer, I have the drink of the summer.

Yes, developing a mild addiction to something containing both alcohol and sugar is a supremely good idea right about now. Because my wedding dress arrived in the store yesterday, 6 weeks early, and I don't want to even try to cram myself into it until September.

The other thing I'm not ready for? To be living in some sort of alternate 1950's universe where the majority of my day is comprised of grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and other household-related errands.



Last Tuesday, while wasting time in DSW, I came upon the perfect shoes for the wedding. However, I didn't actually buy them because they were the first pair that I had tried on, and I have a lot of time until I need to get the shoes, and my finances are sketchy, and etc.

Of course, as the week went along, I became obsessed with the shoes, and was then convinced that by the time I went back to get them, they'd be out of my size, and everything would be ruined. Seriously. Whole wedding. Ruined.

Well, while I was livin' it up in Georgia this weekend, B surprised me by buying the shoes. (He's da bomb diggity.)

How much do we love these? Too much, perhaps.

Home, Then Away Again

Last night, I returned from a long weekend in Georgia (family wedding + outside + August + 98 degrees = good times) and I am headed out this afternoon to see my peeps in Boston.

In the meantime (read: this morning), I am attending a WorkforceCenter career workshop. I was courteously invited by the NYS Department of Labor. And when I say "courteously", I mean "mandatory session, failure to attend may result in a loss of your unemployment benefits".