My New Goal In Life...

(should I be lucky enough to have children)

...is never to let my household situation become so terrible that we require a visit from the Supernanny.


Deep, Deep Thoughts

It is ridiculous to come home in a funk because you "suffered" your first lost at trivia night to the bowl cut douchebag who has been waiting to beat you for 5 weeks in a row, and finally did...


to get in a discussion with your significant other about the merits of an "upper decker".



On Sunday, I asked The Peanut to be the flower girl for this little event happening in the Fall. She immediately ran to tell her mother (..."and I said YES, Mommy!") and then returned to discuss her dress and flower options. Which she continued to ruminate on for the rest of the day.

B's nephew, on the other hand, had to be bribed with candy in order to accept his ring bearing duties .


New Levels of Ridiculous

A few nights ago, B and I found ourselves on the couch, each of us playing Tetris on our cell phones, competing to see who can achieve the highest score.

Of course, he's got an edge because he can play/practice while he's at work, apparently for hours at a time.

I, on the other hand, almost missed my subway stop the other night because I didn't want to end my game. I was at 28,938!!!!


Support, Friendship, and All That Gooey Stuff

The Lawyer: "You have so much going on and being pulled in all directions. Do your best to remain calm. Which makes me think of that scene from airplane when Leslie Neilsen says everyone remain calm and pandemonium breaks out on the plane."



According to all the bridal magazines, I am waaaaaaaay behind schedule in my wedding planning.

Not only will I need at least 16 months to prepare the ceremony/reception/whatnot, but I should have been dreaming of this special day since...roughly...age 5. And thinking of myself as a pretty princess probably wouldn't hurt either.

Say it with me: I'm a pretty princess! I'm a pretty princess! I'm a pretty princess!



To all future guests of our upcoming wedding celebration: Save A Date.

Not Save The Date...because, you know, we'd have to have a date and place for you to do that, and that would mean that various locales/vendors would be returning my calls and emails.

But no.

Save a date. Because the wedding is happening, it's just not clear when. Or where. (City Hall/Justice of the Peace, anyone?)

How about you just do me a favor and reserve, oh, say, Autumn 2008, m'kay?



Mama Needs A Reception Site

The good news is that there are plenty of spaces available this fall in NYC in which to get married, and celebrate same.

The bad news is that we don't have a spare $50,000.


Just A Short While Later...

...my life is suddenly about my sparkly ring, bridal magazines, and, apparently, pink nail polish.


On Friday evening, just one day shy of our 10 month anniversary, B asked me to marry him. We were at the site of our first date.

Of course, I said yes!

I promise not to turn the blog into a wedding journal. Too much.


Poor? No.

Note to self: it is a bad idea to review your debit card expenses to see just how you got to $4.24.

Were the Pinkberry, pedicure, and hair products necessary expenditures? Probably not.


This is the balance in my checking account until I get paid tomorrow.

Unless, of course, the 'economic stimulus' payment from the government is deposited early. I have to be honest, though - at this point it's looking less like an incentive to help the economy, and more like me being able to buy lunch.

(I guess it teaches me not to be the tough guy that decides to pay for everyone's drinks at trivia night.)


I Forgot My Mantra

Yesterday, I had the day off and B was able to leave work at noon. It was gorgeous outside, so we went to our favorite spring/summer restaurant.

As we sat by the water, drinking in the sunshine (literally drinking in the sunshine - corona for me, pina colada for him), it became a moment, a feeling of being truly happy. Even Stewie seemed to pick up on the contentedness, and stoppped tugging on his leash, trying to play with kill pigeons. B and I smiled at one another. "We are so lucky to be living in New York", I said.

This morning, as we squished onto the downtown 3 and two of our fellow passengers engaged in an argument over personal space, and all the noise and energy and challenge of the city swirled around us, I tried to access that blissful mood.

B noted the sour look on my face and started humming "I Love New York".