Made some good progress this weekend on both wedding *and* moving stuff, so I'm feeling a bit calmer.

In the meantime, looking forward to this:

B has never seen "psychotic Syracuse football fan" ridiculouschick, so this should bring a whole new level of interesting to our relationship.


Channeling It

My stress levels are not to be believed right now. Everything is really exciting, but just...a lot. And I need somewhere to put it. And B would probably prefer that it's not all on him.

Possible targets:

- Anyone, really, on the NYC transit system. Especially that lady who shoved past me as I stepped off the 1 train (to let passengers on, as directed) and grabbed my seat. MY SEAT.

- Our current building management company, who will not bend regarding our lease, which ends while we're away on our honeymoon, forcing us to move BEFORE our wedding, thus forfeiting part of our rent. The lease office is next door. Do you think they can feel my hatred while I glare at them through the wall?

- Real estate brokers. I've had just about enough of the high pressure sales tactics, non-negotiable fees, lies regarding square footage, etc., etc., etc.

- The construction right outside our window, especially what with the pounding and sawing at 7 am.

- The various wedding beauty vendors who believe that, because I am paying them, they are able to freely offer their opinions on my appearance. I've received feedback regarding my "thin" hair, "round" face, "misshaped" eyebrows, "lack of" cheekbones, "too wide" forehead, "large" hips, and "short" legs. Thank you!

- The New York State board who is dithering about the requirements needed for the next stage of my social work license.

- My former union, who hasn't gotten the word that I was LAID OFF (even though they promptly ended my benefits in July) and leaves voicemail messages, exhorting member "brothers and sisters" to rise up on any number of issues. Union now, my ass.

- Presidential campaign. 'Nuff said.


New Wedding Theme

And it is called: F*ck the special details*.

Because seriously, the regular details are just about killing me right now.

*borrowed from the girls over at Indiebride


Bitz and Pieces

1. Had my first bridal shower this weekend with my relatives in Pennsylvania. Even though it was small (12 people) I was still flustered at being the center of attention. Also, I was very emotional, especially when receiving gifts that my grandmothers had made (they are both deceased).

Conclusion: I am going to be a soggy mess on my wedding day.

2. B and I are moving on October 15. Among our friends, this statement is met with "Cool! Where are you moving to?" and the answer is - we have no fucking idea. Apartments that are available on October 15 don't come up until October 1. So it's a big ole mystery to us. Which is kinda fun. Not.

Conclusion: This is not the excitement that we need 10 days before our wedding.

3. Instead of walking around in a perpetual rage re: Republicans, I can actually do something productive. Which might involve traveling to swing states to canvass undecided voters. How I'm going to fit that in with all the other stuff, I also have no fucking idea. But I think it might be more important than, say, obsessing over cocktail napkins.

Conclusion: I gotta do something.

4. September health month is going well, in that I haven't had any alcohol.

Conclusion: I picked a bad month to stop sniffing glue.

5. The Today Show is neither "news" or a "program".

Conclusion: Discuss amongst yourselves.


More Of The Same

(Btw., just as this was not to become a wedding blog, it's also not to become a political blog, as there are others who can do it so much better.)

That said, has anyone seen those McCain/Palin "new mavericks" commercials? They make me throw up in my mouth a little a lot.

Newsflash: Maverick = Cowboy.

We've had a fucking joker in the White House for the past 8 years who thinks he needs to prove something like he's in the Wild West. McCain and Palin have already demonstrated their philosophy - check out their negative, snide, and nasty speeches during the RNC.

Just so we're clear - I don't want to be able to have a beer with my president, and I don't want this country run by some out of control radical who proves his unsound logic in his choice of running mate. (And who also resembles, more and more with each passing day, Old Man Withers from the Scooby Doo movie.)


The Word Today On Sarah Palin

She's a maniac.

And not in that fun Michael Sembello/Flashdance kinda way.

For Realsies?

I'm watching Cash Cab, and besides the obvious thoughts that this would be a damn good way to make a little extra money (to help pay moving expenses, hello!) I'm watching this tourist family that is headed to McSorley's. Is this strange at all? Taking children to a bar? I know it's all historical and shit, but seriously?

Falling In Love

Don't tell anyone, but I am cheating on B.

It's true, I've fallen in love. With an apartment. A classic pre-war beauty on the Upper West Side. High ceilings, hardwood floors, crown moldings, 5 closets, marble lobby, 1 block away from the park, 4 blocks away from the subway - what's not to love?

There are many, many things keeping us apart - most importantly, the 6.5' by 9.5' bedroom which B insists is going to drive us crazy. And the October 1 move-in date, which means we'd need to be able to terminate our current lease one month early (not likely). Oh, and then there's the whole packing and moving and painting and changing addresses within 2 weeks madness.




So it looks like we'll be moving soon. The sublease on our current apartment is ending, and in the midst of negotiating a new lease, our building management decided to raise the rent. It's not a huge amount, but enough to cut off our noses to spite our faces push us to consider other options.

The search is going well - the only thing I fear is that we are entering a perfect storm: wedding/marriage, moving/new home, and starting a new job (for me).

Yay! Stress!


7 Years Later

The heart still breaks.


Lipstick On A Pig

Sorry to tell you all that I am full of rage this morning.

(On second thought, I'm not really sorry.)

Is the McCain campaign fucking kidding with this bullshit???????

I wish I could be more articulate. I'm just so, so angry. It is insulting to me that gender politics are being used by these conservative assholes to further their own agenda. How about keeping your policies out of my goddamned uterus? Let's start there.


Off to contribute, again, to Obama/Biden. And in the meantime, this is worth checking out.



Paranoia, Self-Destroy-a

B has recently had two stories published in books! Let's skip ahead to the inevitable...

[in bed, as we're going to sleep]

B: So, two stories. Pretty cool, righ'?
rc: Yeah! Except they're both about your ex-girlfriend.
B: Um.
rc: Why are you writing about her?
B: I dunno, they just happened to have her in them. They're not about her.
rc: So why don't you have any stories about me?
B: (on the border of exasperated) Do you want me to get up and write you one right now?


Bloggity Blog Blog

So, it's my birthday this weekend, but I don't have a birthday kinda feeling because 1) I'm turning a not-too-exciting number and can't really be bothered to care and 2) I'm having a couple of big parties within the next 6 weeks and then the BIGGEST PARTY EVER (which, yes, I realize I need to share with B) so celebrating is covered.

Anyway, on Saturday, I'll take a little break from my self-imposed September "health month" and have some sangria and some simple carbs with friends and then Sunday, another little break from the good-nutrition madness since B and I are going out to dinner.

(Oh, and the health month thing? A friend mentioned challah the other day and I nearly leapt through the phone to cram it in my mouth. Cravings aren't pretty, people.)

Unrelated: we're looking for a random z-list celebrity to invite to the wedding. When my brother and SIL got married 7 years ago, they invited Nipsey Russell (awesomest choice ever), but since he's long since departed this earth (I miss you Nipsey, wherever you are) we need other options. My vote is for that guy from the Police Academy movies who can make all the cool noises with his mouth.


Can We Get An Old Car?

While watching a musical montage in Remember the Titans, The Librarian and I had the following exchange:

TL: "Next time we have to get really psyched up for something, we should wreck a car".
RC: "Um, sure. Like what?
TL: "Your bachelorette party".