A What In The Who Now?

I spent the morning at my school untangling the usual difficulties...

...only to return to my office and amuse myself with using Microsoft Word to compose 'Message' slips for the Valentine's Day Candy Fundraiser taking place at the school next week...

...and to think about the absurdity of organizing a Valentine's Day Fundraiser which involves the secret delivery of chocolate roses with notes, in that it mirrors an event held at my high school in which students received carnations from secret admirers - an annual tradition that was almost always traumatic due to the inevitable analysis of how many flowers one received and the direct proportionality to one's self-worth/popularity...

...which leads to wondering why I'm promoting the celebration of Valentine's Day at all...

...and causes me to reconsider my decision to reactivate my profile on match.com starting February 1st, because I'm not really in the right mindset to date anyone right now and given how painfully things shook out last time I was on match.com, do I really want to open myself up to that again?

...even though it's technically not match.com's fault, and as much as I'd like to place the blame squarely on Dr. Phil, the whole unraveling had very little to do with internet dating per se...

...but then maybe I just need to make a firm decision about the guy that I've been sort-of-but-not-quite dating for the past two months...

...and while I'm at it, figure out why I'm overly invested in the ridiculous messages flying back and forth between me and someone I've been referring to as 'myspace guy' (because, hey, I found him on myspace, and he's a guy)...

...but what I really need to do is just get back to work so I can leave on time to go to the gym, since my attempt at running last night resulted in a paltry 2 miles, and that's certainly not going to get me anywhere close to where I need to be on April 29th.


For Realz

I've finally calmed my life down. Part of the shift was a growing acceptance that I am once again an adult (as opposed to a graduate student - and believe me, there is a huge difference) who has to go to work and (gasp) be productive for 8-10 hours a day.

I supposed it also helps that I've been on the wagon for the past month, and will most likely continue a bit longer - although I do have a dinner date on Thursday at Dinosaur Barbeque, and can I seriously be expected to go beerless while I'm eating my way through a Big Ass Pork Plate?

Weekend: Restaurant Week, running, movies, errands, Veronica Mars marathon, laundry, more running, visiting the 'rents, eating cake, even more running. (Believe me, the cake eating is necessary to, um, keep up my strength for training.)

Lately: Well, since I've been called out on it elsewhere, I might as well confess that I've been watching a lot of stuff on abc.com. It's amazing how quickly your evenings pass while you're catching up on an entire season's worth of shows. And how little you actually have to talk to real people. And how much clearer the reception is on your computer than on your tiny 13 inch antenna-powered television.


Good One

I started today in a equi-shitty mood (carry over from yesterday). However, that all changed when I got my mail this afternoon, which contained marketing materials for a luxury residence they are opening in my neighborhood. Enclosed therein was an explanation of the benefits of purchasing a condo in their building. My monthly costs would only be $4500.00 and I'd be earning equity and tax deductions!!!!

I'll get right on that....after I stop laughing.


Challenges Are Opportunities In Disguise

I'm not so in love with my job lately.
I've been supervisorless since January 2nd.

I will be losing my office within the next 30 days to a group of family practice doctors. There is no plan in place as to where I will go.

I'm still wrangling with my union over health insurance. No-one seems to be able to discern when my benefits start, but they are very good at deducting union dues from each paycheck.

I have a number of counseling clients whose issues are escalating, and I have no support/input as to whether my treatment modalities are effective (see 'supervisorless' above).

On Monday, a packet containing white powder was found in the semi-public bathroom across from my office. Yesterday, I arrived at work to find that someone had broken into my office and stolen client metrocards from my desk.

The Social Work Interns, in addition to being silly and immature, frequently call in sick. They are in the same program that I graduated from last May. They embarrass me.

And this morning, I got caught between some sort of power-struggle/pissing contest between our admin and another staff member.

Luckily, Yahoo Astrology is here for me:

A rude or unpleasant person will make your morning very interesting -- and give you a fresh perspective on where you are in your life right now. This person offers an example of what not to do ... and seeing him or her in action will make you very grateful for the choices you have made in your life. Your diplomacy will serve you well as you take stock of all the gifts you have in life. Extend a kind hand to the people who use anger to hide their sadness.

It's so clear now. To work my way out of this sulk, all that I need to do is breathe deeply and remind myself of the utter fabulousness of the non-work side of my life.


I must be doing something wrong, because I'm having difficulty achieving a Zen-like state of mind. Any hand that I'm extending at the moment is likely to be engaged in a back-of-the-head punch, rather than in kindness.


Yeah, Not So Much

As it turns out, eating cotton candy at MSG until you feel ill, then embarking on a 3.5 mile training run is not a good idea.

Below, my team at the close of their miserable performance on Sunday. Or perhaps they're reacting to my poor nutrition choices.

Oh, and the even better part of Sunday's game?

The loss snapped Syracuse's 47-game winning streak against schools in New York state. The last in-state school to beat the Orange was St. John's, 76-75 on Feb. 19, 2000.



This is what my travel coffee mug looks like. You may notice that it is predominantly red. Perhaps this will help you to think of it as a stop sign.

If it is morning, and I am holding my mug stop sign, I'm am not available for conversation, pleasantries, or directions. Please do not appproach.

Thank You.


Ahead of the Game

This morning on the Today show, Penn/Teller (I never know which one is which; it was the tall one who talks) was promoting Identity, a game show which asks contestants to determine a person's occupation by their appearance.

In the course of his interview, Penn/Teller said something very significant.

"It is very important that we know how to judge people."

Well, I have news for you, Mr. Penn/Teller. I already know how to do that quite well. I am all about judgment (after working hours, of course).


New Plan

I ran 4 miles yesterday, easily.

The trick, I discovered, is to time my run with a college basketball game. I was so busy watching Syracuse kick some ass that I didn't even notice the distance ticking upwards.

I've asked The Lawyer if, on race day, she can ride some sort of cart (?) in front of me, with a television showing a game. Since the college basketball season will be over by then, she'll need to rebroadcast (2-hour highlight reel? national championship game?).

There's also some sort of idea about me running in a shiny orange unitard...but it's in the early stages.


We Can Work It Out

I have two running partners!

Mike signed up for the half-marathon this week. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this, because all of our previous teamwork activities have revolved around heavy drinking, chicken-wing eating, and sport spectating.

Caitlin has been my virtual partner; her interest and enthusiasm moved me from 'semi-declaring/considering/waffling' to 'registering/training/doing'. And we're scheduled for a training run this coming Monday.

I guess I really, really need to do this now.

In other news, I went to the Syracuse/Rutgers basketball game on Wednesday night. The good guys won. And EB and I amused ourselves the whole way back into the city with an extended game of 'Would You Be My Friend If...' while the boys slept, possibly in defense against having to listen to EB and I play 'Would You Be My Friend If...'for 45 minutes.

During the game, JP and I determined that 1) the name 'Devendorf' is fun to say and 2) Devendorf is a punk.


Yes I Am

I think I've told everyone about my half-marathon, the idea being that if I get the word out to enough people, I will be shamed into following through and actually completing the damn thing.

In the course of the telling, several friends have pledged to attend the race so they can provide motivation point and laugh, which I think will be really helpful fun for them, not so much for me.

When I talk about the half-marathon (frequently, as I prefer to over-examine the things that make me anxious) I find myself saying that I'm 'not really a runner' - which I'm not, because I kinda suck at it.

That statement was thrown back at me this morning by the salesperson who was helping me find the correct running sneakers. "Once you start doing half-marathons", he said "I think that makes you a runner."

Ok. New mindset. My name is ridiculouschick, and I am a runner. Who doesn't suck.

The first step is acceptance.


I Must Be Crazy...

...because this morning, I signed up for a half-marathon. See countdown clock to the right. More details to follow, once I stop freaking out.



Appropos of nothing, I'm tracking the first thing that I say out loud every morning. Leaving aside the whole 'observation changes that which is being observed' argument - I believe that this is a very interesting and useful (and dare I say...scientific?) experiment, from which I've deduced that I am slowly becoming one of those people that talk to the television, and by extension, themselves.

With any luck, I'll become a full-scale mutterer within the next year.



Genesee Cream Ale stands as a proud icon of exceptional smoothness. Our storied ale has slaked the thirst of many since its birth in 1960. Its remarkably smooth quality is made for the refined and not so refined. Cream Ale boldly challenges the past and celebrates the present while keeping a knowing eye on the future.

Enter the House of Cream and learn what so many have known for so long – Genesee Cream Ale is as refreshing to the body and mind as it is nourishing to the soul.

Yeah...despite what their website says, continuously ordering cans of GCA is not such a good plan, even as you are telling the people that you are dining with that it is "awesome!".

Along the same lines, drinking directly out of a bottle of champagne on a rooftop on NYE because you've "lost your cup" (read: it's about 2 feet away from you) is not particularly sound logic either. Finishing the bottle is pretty dumb too.

Today, my pledge of January sobriety jumps from "what was I thinking?" to "a well-timed break".