Feelin' Newsy

- Marriage/Wedding coming right up, in about 52 hours. Feeling really calm and happy, and about to head out the door to Bliss for a massage.

- Thank you, unidentified neighbor, for the free internets. All the last minute planning this week would have been impossible without it.

- My long-standing crush on Brian Williams might be over, due to his quasi-endorsement of McCain, which I discovered in AARP magazine while waiting for my therapy appointment today.

- Oh, and did I mention I'm going back to work on November 10th? No? I can't really even think about it until I get back.

- Honeymoon location remains a surprise (for me). Surprised that it has remained a surprise, given my predilection for snooping, and B's tendency to blurt.

- And in case I forget to tell you later, I had an awesome time at our wedding.


It's All Small Details

- We're in the new apartment and we have free internet coming from somewhere.

- The apartment is HUGE. We love it, despite the mess of boxes and clothing and whatnot.

- We can't figure out how to turn the shower on. I am going to call the super. He will have to show me. This will be embarrassing.

- Stewbert is adjusting well, although he has certainly amped up his frantic eating/barking/ball playing activities as B leaves the apartment.

- Oh yeah, we're getting married in 9 days.

- Met with the DJ on Tuesday night who said that our first dance song was the best that he's seen in a long time. Score! He is going to invite people to dance with us after one minute, thus taking a lot of the performance pressure away.

- I'm changing my name personally, not professionally. It's strange to see my new name. I'm sad to leave behind my old name.

- I was also sad to leave the old apartment. Even though I really wanted to move, that place had a lot of memories.

- And we knew how to work the shower.


Almost There

We're just over 2 weeks to our wedding, and one week away from moving.

This morning, we started with a reminder to be calm to each other amid all of the stress. And then wishing each other a happy fifteen-month anniversary.

Later today, my favorite people start arriving for shower/bachelorette madness.

It's all really happening. Excuse me while I pinch myself repeatedly.


Just Checking...

I know that fasting is part of Yom Kippur. Is bitching about how hungry you are *also* expected?

Because if so, I've got both covered.

And...can I call it "The Yom"? It's catchy, no?


Broke But Happy

B and I signed our lease today! We're going to move October 17th, and for those of you following along at home, that would be 8 days before our wedding. Yup. 8 days.

The *good* thing is that we love our new apartment (more space! less expensive! great neighborhood!) and plans are already being made to paint and decorate and nest.

The bad thing(s) is(are), moving is expensive and weddings are expensive. Nesting is expensive. And I'm still waiting on details (important ones, like salary and benefits and, oh, start date) regarding my new job.

Stressful, yes - but we're getting married soon. I think I'll just go ahead and celebrate that small fact, and worry about the rest in November.


Happiness Is...

struggling to zip up your wedding gown during your second fitting and hearing your mother say (cheerily), "salads only for the next month!"

(No worries, the dress was crooked, and fits perfectly when aligned properly. Bring on the donuts.)