Leave Off The Last S for Savings

My new bed was delivered last night, so I have finally slept in my new apartment!

Given its proximity to the Lincoln Tunnel, traffic is always crazy in this neighborhood, and has lately been even more insane due to road closures and people who are driving into the city instead of using public transportation. Luckily, school and my internship are over until January 17th, so the impact of the strike on my routine has been minimal. The closest I got to inconvenience was during the bed delivery. The driver couldn't get onto my street, and had been circling for about an hour when the company called me and asked me to find him. So I walked up 9th Avenue until I located the truck. The guy couldn't have been nicer, and asked me to get in to show him where my building is.

Yes, I rode around in a 1-800-MATTRESS truck.

And it was awesome.


g8s said...

Vanquisher of bedbugs. Resident of the only cool neighborhood left in Manhattan. Rider of 1-800-MAT-TRES trucks. You are now officially my heroine.

Dumber said...

I want to ride in a 1-800-MATTRES truck. So far the only truck I been in lately is the turd cam truck on my daily walks with Dumber. See your now beginning to live the high life.

I hope you enjoy your new apartment and bed bug free environment for the upcoming new year.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

The best Christmas gift of all: an uninfiltrated mattres.