The Jerz

I have keys to my new apartment (and I go over there frequently to marvel at the un-bugginess) but I can't stay there until I put up curtains in my bedroom and until the contractor installs the rod that will allow me to put up a shower curtain.

I also can't bear to sleep one more single night in my old apartment, so I've taken refuge at my parent's house in the New Jersey suburbs. They are on vacation, so I am all by myself. I went holiday shopping today, which, if you're familiar with New Jersey, means that I went to the craziness that is the Garden State Plaza. It felt really strange to be driving, but within five minutes, I was back into my old routine, cursing at all of the other drivers on Route 17, cutting people off, blowing my horn and generally acting like an asshole. But only to fit in.

The mall cannot even be discussed. I can only be grateful that I will not be there this Saturday, on the last possible shopping day before Christmas, because today was bad enough.

On the way home, I found myself rocking out to Bon Jovi. I guess you can't take the Jerz out of the girl...


g8s said...

The 'hood feels strange without you... Good luck with your move!

Dumber said...

Thanks your just made me remember a gift I still need to get. Mrs. Dumb wants a Bon Jovi cd. WOW look at how much I need your blog to keep me on track. ohhh and honk once for me on the road.