Buh Bye

So I haven't been blogging lately. Have you noticed?

The last time I decided to shut this site down, I got inspired again and wrote a few posts. And then... nothing.

This started as a way to keep in touch with people while I was in grad school. For a time, it was about the bedbugs. For a great majority, it was about dating.

Life looks a little different now. The past year has been one of the most challenging and difficult times in my life. With that said, I've also been (and continue to be) enormously in love, and incredibly grounded and present in my world. And there have not been words to document the disparity in these two experiences.

There may be words later, in a different place, and from a different voice. For now, I am content to just be.


Anonymous said...


The quickest distence between two points is never rarely a stright path.


B (I was B, right?)

NYgirl3 said...

Hi ridiculous!
I'm not sure if you ever read these or come on your blog at all. For the past few months I've spent days at the office reading your blog, laughing out loud and confusing coworkers, and really enjoying your writing. Most everything you wrote about reminds me of myself and I'm kind of looking at you as a "New York" mentor for both the city and my own blog. I hope everything is going well with you! Your blog makes me smile :)